• Welcome to Premier Ice Rinks

    Premier Ice Rinks is a high quality ice rink rental and sales company, specialising in both portable and permanent ice rinks. We rent and sell across the world, from the UK & Ireland to Canada and the US. Our ice rinks provide an instant showpiece for any destination or event.
    In addition to renting and selling, we also supply flooring, tenting and skates as well as all event management aspects of running an ice rink.  Ice rinks are our passion and we have been successfully installing them for over 15 years. We possess a great knowledge of the business and believe we can create the most attractive and profitable turnkey solutions available on the market today

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  • Rentals

    Here at premier ice rinks we specialise in seasonal ice rink rentals. A Seasonal ice rink can be a centrepiece for any city or tourist destination. Portable ice rinks are a huge draw for the Christmas period and can instantly pay for themselves and more.

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  • Sales

    Premier Ice rinks is a world leader in the sale of permanent or seasonal ice rinks, we can help you through of the phases of planning construction and the general operation of the ice rink. We have a wide selection of custom ice rinks to suit all needs.

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Our guarantee to you:

  1. To create and design ice rinks to your specifications.
  2. To employ the talents and skills of the finest engineers.
  3. To specify equipment of the highest industry standards.
  4. To build and maintain strong support networks with all our clients.